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AKAWA Accelerated Kundalini Awakening

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  • Log in to Zoom about 5 minutes before the session using the link sent to you by email. You will then be in the virtual waiting room and will be admitted on time. Sometimes it can take a few minutes

  • Make sure you have tried the Zoom meeting software before, and know the basic functions (there are tutorials on Youtube or

  • Please use your laptop / tablet / cell phone with the camera on so I can see you during the AKAWA ONLINE SESSION

  • Please ensure sufficient power supply, preferably via cable

  • Adjust your camera beforehand so that I CAN SEE YOU LYING ON YOUR BACK FROM YOUR HEAD (if possible your whole body) If there is no other way, adjust the camera sideways so that I can see as much of you as possible. Your head must be visible in any case


  • In a live session the music is played loud, this makes it easier to let go, for the online sessions this means that you turn up the music as loud as it is possible/comfortable for you

  • It's best to listen through speakers, but of course you can also use wireless (or long cable) headphones or earpods

  • Important: they should not slip when you move your head. If you use headphones with a cable, please do it in a way that you can't get tangled

  • It's best to try it out for yourself beforehand, and test the sound connection with your device

  • There will be different pieces played, try to get involved with everything, even if it doesn't suit your personal taste

  • It's not so much about "liking" the music as it is about allowing different emotions to emerge in you, the ones that want to emerge at that time


  • You lay down on a yoga mat on the floor or a soft carpet, it should not be cold, drafty or the ground too hard, so that you can relax well, but also not necessarily be the bed

  • Please wear comfortable clothes

  • You take care of your physical safety

  • You place yourself in such a way that you cannot hurt yourself or bump yourself when you move around

  • Ideally, there should be an arm's width of space around you/your mat

  • Please take off glasses, watches, jewelry beforehand

  • Throughout the session participants will keep their eyes closed, if you have a blindfold feel free to use it

  • Please go to the bathroom again BEFORE the session. If you need to go to the bathroom during the session, just get up and go to the bathroom and then come back and lie down again and close your eyes

  • In principle, take care of yourself and your needs

  • You have water in a drinking bottle near you (so that nothing spills if you move)

  • If you get cold easily, put on socks and/or prepare a blanket next to you so that if you get too cold, you can cover yourself with your eyes closed, but also uncover (please don't put the blanket in front of the camera)

  • Recommendation: no cafe, too much drinking, (heavy) eating under 1-2 hours. This can disturb the session and your well-being. In this regard, behave beforehand as if you were going to a yoga or gymnastics class or the like


  • You should be undisturbed in any case, so that you allow yourself to let go and relax

  • It is best to be alone in the apartment/room or let your roommates know not to disturb you

  • Pets (dogs, cats) love these energies and are often magically attracted to them. Whether you yourself feel disturbed by it or it is good for you, you know best


  • If you don't have an idea of what an AKAWA session is like and haven't seen a video yet, it's best to see what it looks like (from the outside). How it feels inside can again be a completely different experience.

  • The most important thing: completely let go of all expectations and judgments, as best you can in this moment, and allow thoughts that arise to simply be accepted and let them go

  • There are people who move a lot, there are people who lie very still, some who cry, others who laugh, some make loud or soft noises, some feel trembling or twitching, some suddenly become very hot or ice cold, some experience a lot internally, others feel nothing at all the first few times, and often it changes from one experience to another. The whole palette is possible

  • It is a process, give it time and be patient with yourself

  • This is the place not to stress about whether you are doing it right or you are spiritual enough. The more you allow yourself to have just this one job: to let go as best you can in this moment, then you have done everything right

  • Allow yourself to be, in all facets or in "just" one. Allow yourself not to compare, because you are incomparable, your journey is unique, and every session is new like every moment


  • Again, your path is your path. What is emerging, what arises in your life or your thoughts, what wants to dissolve, what suddenly becomes clear to you, or you realize that you are no longer willing to endure things you have endured forever

  • Give your body and your mind time and give yourself rest, drink a lot of water and listen to what your inner self wants to tell you

  • I look forward to you discovering the way of the AKAWA for yourself and to discuss your experience

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