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AKAWA Accelerated Kundalini Awakening

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I just wanted to say thank you so much for the experience last night. I went in with no expectations and got so much out of it. Letting your body move without trying to restrict it can sometimes be a challenge.

I however had to remind myself that I was not the one doing it.

I do wonder though why it is my neck that seems to stretch back so much and spasm, is there any specific reason that certain areas move in such a way?

I look forward to the next session and finding out more about this modality.

Sabine Oel-Cocco

Here is the link to the 2nd song I played tonight See you soon again. Lots of love Sabine

ang stewart

Can't wait for our 1st session tomorrow. Feeling blessed, happy and excited. It is already part of the preparation to create the playlist for the session. So I tune into the group energy already.

Even I got the proof that without music it is working absolutly working. As we know about energy. It is free from everything. But I love all the sound and music so deeply (so I am at the right place with Dr. Joes work 😁 as you are also) and the creativ process of playing around with, I experienc it as an addditional door opener or amplifier. Please plan in about 75 minutes. The session is 60 minutes, and we are in no hurry, to set up everything for everyone, and also there is time for sharing afterwards Love to see you all soon!

Indrani Fausch
Julie Martin

What is AKAWA? ∞ Accelerated Kundaling Awakening ∞ AKAWA allows you to reconnect with the universal energy field - with your original blueprint, the reminder of your wholeness that you truly are. Compared to other Kundalini activation systems, AKAWA is not channeled energy, but a direct, unadulterated channel to the infinite field of consciousness.

AKAWA allows you an accelerated Kundalini activation. This activation goes exactly as far as the intelligent field opens for you, as it is right for you at that time. AKAWA is therefore a very natural, step-by-step and very safe process you yourself do nothing willingly during the session, you just let happen what wants to happen.

AKAWA supports you in healing and development on different energetic levels and enables a deeper integration process. On a physical level, these sessions can lead to spontaneous movement and the release of emotional blocks (through laughter, crying, body reactions, etc.).

Betsabe Kia UK
Indrani Fausch
Julie Martin


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