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AKAWA Accelerated Kundalini Awakening

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Can't wait for our 1st session tomorrow. Feeling blessed, happy and excited. It is already part of the preparation to create the playlist for the session. So I tune into the group energy already.

Even I got the proof that without music it is working absolutly working. As we know about energy. It is free from everything. But I love all the sound and music so deeply (so I am at the right place with Dr. Joes work 😁 as you are also) and the creativ process of playing around with, I experienc it as an addditional door opener or amplifier. Please plan in about 75 minutes. The session is 60 minutes, and we are in no hurry, to set up everything for everyone, and also there is time for sharing afterwards Love to see you all soon!

Indrani Fausch
Julie Martin


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