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Breathing techniques

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Lovely Geniuses… as promised… here is the list about the specific rates of breaths in a minute with specific states of health and consciousness…. different states of mind automatically require a different rate of breathing ... an average person breathes fifteen times a minute…and we can train our selfs to lower this rates… for example the so-called vagus nerve breath we are doing a lot at the beginning of the weekend meditations… inhaling 5 seconds… holding the breath for 5 sec….. exhaling for 5 sec…. holding it for 5 sec…. and so on…. leads at least to 4 breaths in a minute…. and is related to achieve the meditative state…. focusing on the now and the breath leads during meditations to 3 breaths a minute and is called the Formula for Longevity…and will change our whole life…and at least we are aiming for 1 breath a minute… getting more and more open to the feelings of oneness and connecting to the field….remember that always …. and the key is patience… and patience is linked to the breaths we take in a minute… lowering your breath rate per minute is balancing your self… creating inner harmony and getting you out of the drama addicted mind…. therefore pause some times during the day and focus on your breath… lower your breath rate and become the now.

Also remarkable…. every two and a half hours on average… each individual breathes more dominantly through one nostril or the other…. when the breath is flowing more through the left nostril the charge is negative… breathing with superior air flow through the right nostril is a positive charge….. on average our nostrils are like two guards which change duty every two and a half hours ….you breathe through the left nose and then it switches to the right nostril…. from right nostril to the left nostril every two and a half hours on average… and a lot of mental behaviors have been found where people breathe with a different length of time through each nostril.

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