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evolving your Consciousness towards a Quantum Genius

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Events & Retreats

Meeting some of the Academy members at certain events like the retreats of Dr. Joe or join in at special Events and Retreats of the Academy doing the joy together in real life.


Sometimes you need individual support on specific topics of your self or on the techniques taught in the academy.... just contact the teachers or the academy and ask for individual support.

Special Sessions

Sessions regarding special themes like Sound Healing, Theta Healing, Releasing Techniques, Generating Abundance....  one-to-one or in a group...based on personal experiences and competences.

Classes & Programs

Our Classes and Programs are the perfect way to deepen your experiences connecting your subconsciousness and consciousness with certain techniques and methods like Quantum Kundalini, Neurographics, Quantum Qi Gong or Breathwork. To become more conscious about your self and to train your self awareness to higher levels of Consciousness.


Every morning including weekends tehre are 5AM CET morning meditations and reflections for Advanced Dr. Joe students only. Meditations are largely from Dr Joe's meditation collection but depending on the host, related teachings from others are included eg. breathing from Jeru Kabbal or Wim Hoff, parts from Shunyamurti, Abraham and others.

Activities: Activities
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