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About Meditation

The best way to change your self

In order to progress on the path of our own development, it is necessary to expand our consciousness in order to improve our perception and optimize the cooperation with our cells. And so the cardinal question arises: how can we achieve this change? The answer to this is clear: meditation.

One of the simplest yet most effective methods for expanding our consciousness is meditation.

Dr. Joe Dispenza describes comprehensively how new circuits are specifically created in our brain via meditation and consolidated through daily meditation.

Meditation generates clarity and self-knowledge and helps clear the mind of past experiences and negative emotions stored in our subconscious.

One of the amazing statements of Krishnamurti says that any form of meditation is a hindrance, an escape, a childish activity, if we do not know what it really does in us. Without knowing the whole process of the mind, whether conscious or unconscious, meditation is nothing more than a form of self-hypnosis, he said.

The findings of quantum physics, neuroplasticity, epigenetics clearly show that it is a matter of generating an understanding of the processes within us in order to use our consciousness to specifically direct the cooperation of the cells.

There is a lot written about meditation, but most of the books on the subject do not bring the reader any further, because they do not explain the meditation process and especially do not create an understanding of the fact that via meditation the brain and consciousness are completely rewired.

Meditation aims at creating a controlled imagination and a well sustained attention.

And we can only achieve this through daily practice, as new circuitry then arises in our brain and is permanently formed.

To be aware of the thinking process, to go into it step by step with full consciousness in order to expand one's awareness - that is meditation. Only through self-knowledge can we freely discover what we are, what reality is and what is what we call life.

Regular meditation practice brings about a principled change in the way our brain works.

As we practice meditation, more and more areas of the brain begin to work in concert with each other. Numerous scientific researches clearly show, with the help of electroencephalograms, how meditation exercises influence the character of brain waves in different areas of the brain.

Make meditation a daily practice.
The research shows that the more proficient a person is in meditation practice, and the more constantly he or she develops through daily practice, the more and more areas of the brain begin to work in a coordinated manner. When we fully learn this practice, our whole brain begins to work coherently.

If we practice meditation as a daily habit, we automatically perfect it and after a short time of daily practice we feel the urge to perfect our selfs more and more. Because the daily doing changes our being in a remarkable way.

An awareness that we need in order to fully tap into all the potential that we carry within us, that already exists within us. Because meditation changes not only the work of our brain, but also in the cooperation of our whole organism, each of our cells.

The way to gain this ability is given and open to all of us. Many people claim that they cannot meditate, but as Neville Goddard aptly points out, these people complain because they fail to practice meditation regularly.
Meditation, at its core, means holding one's attention on a particular idea until that idea completely fills the mind, displacing all other ideas from consciousness.
The power of attention is shown to be a sure guarantee of the inner power that we all possess but do not use. We must concentrate on the idea to be realized without allowing any distraction. This is the great secret of meditation.

Day after day, week after week, month after month, we therefore set out to master our attention and imagination. We as a community are looking for ways to make our magical lights, which dawn and fade within us, more stable. We want to call them forth at will and be the master of our visions.

We strive more and more to focus our attention on the activities of the day in unwavering concentration, so that concentration does not wane for a moment. This too is an exercise, a training. It may sound easy, but it is far from it, since most of our daily life consists of distractions. What person has complete control over their imagination and attention?

A controlled imagination and steady attention firmly and repeatedly focused on the idea to be realized is the beginning of all magical moments.

If we continue for weeks or months with daily meditations, we create within our selfs a power center of unusual magnitude. We enter a path that all can walk, but on which only a few walk. It is a path within our selfs on which feet first falter in the shadows and darkness, but which is later made to shine by an inner light.

There is no need for special genius to attain or perfect this ability. It is not bestowed upon any individual, but is gained through perseverance and meditation practice.

Anyone who perseveres will experience how the dark caverns of his brain glow, and in time he will make his way to meditation class day after day, as if making an appointment with himself.

Our consciousness consists of numerous spaces that we ourselves consciously and unconsciously highlight. Just like with a flashlight, we can use the beam of light to illuminate, enlarge and expand the different areas of our consciousness, or purposefully guide the flashlight to another area and make it shine.

In our consciousness there are areas for everything, infinitely many areas and alone by the knowledge that we ourselves lead the flashlight, we know that every thought, which springs from one of these areas, is only a thought. A thought that only brightens up further through our conscious action or that we darken again and direct our light to other thoughts and illuminate them specifically. Thoughts that we want.

And the realization that all our habits quasi automatically guide our flashlights, without us realizing it consciously at first. Our habits always lead to the same thoughts arising and these are always further illuminated by further thoughts. And we think and feel that this should be so, since our thoughts refer to the reality from which we feel separarated.

We are reality.

This arises because we direct our consciousness to it. Reality always consists of our past consciousness. It happens what we ourselves illuminate in our consciousness. What happens is that which shines.

Through meditation, we awaken in our self a center of light that guides us through our life and enables to focus in the present moment. When we emerge from the moment of meditation, it is as if we have been shown the happy ending of a play in which we are the leading actor. In this meditative mood, we experience the imagination of what we want to experience in reality, as if we had already realized our goal, so that over time we transform into the image of this imaginary state.

Through the repeated doing the new being arises and everyone who persists, reaches a state that leads him to new dimensions of his being.

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