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Dr. Joe
Week Long Advanced Retreat

August 2022

There were quite a lot Quantum Geniuses in London experiencing the Garden of Life, like Andi, Alba Lucia, Andrea, Basma, Bengü, Cecillia, Elke, Fatma, Isabel, Louise, Elke, Martine, Mattie... carrying back their experiences and high energies to all of us. Special thanks to all for sharing their wonderful insights and experiences in our telegram group and in the special Zoom Review hosted by our amazing Angelique.

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Review Garden of Life London: Past Events

Q&A with Sine Madsen

Healing chronic pain before attending a retreat

Sine was on stage delivering her testimonial in London just as she was dimensionalising during meditations before she even attended an event.

Her story will inspire many with a journey through the highs and lows of chronic pain, depression, childhood trauma and abuse and her healing when she started doing the meditations

Q&A session with supernatural genius Ikshit Singla

Healing with perservance and belief

Review of the retreat

Brian Rose about the London Retreat

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