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Amazing is the following scientific research I found the last days… done by the German University of Kassel called VISIBLE LIGHT RADIATED FROM THE HEART WITH HEART RHYTHM MEDITATION… the result in a nutshell… 100.000 photons per second were measured by heart centered meditations… where usually 20 photons per second was observed without meditation… and this is 5.000 times more than a Human Being radiates in normal life…. now we can even more imagine how we enlarge our torus by the meditations we do and also how the coherent healings are working…. ONE Million of photons from 10 healers in a second are reaching for the healee… being directly connected through our holographic heart and by a movement via our consciousness focusing on unconditional love and the healee at the same moment in the future now … isn´t that amazing…. I get goose bumps when I am writing this…. We are the Magical … we just have to be aware of it…. accept it and BE it…

Case Study
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