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It is time for a home for all of us:

Happy Geniuses… as I mentioned in several posts the last weeks…. it is time for a home for all of us… the classes and sessions of the last 3 months had a great interest and a lot of participants…. all of them would like to continue and it is time to do that in more efficient and effective ways…. the problem of our telegram group lies in its nature…. it is primarily a group chat and in the stream of daily chatting a lot of profound knowledge… knowingness and great stuff like special video tips etc. …. gets lost in the infinite stream….. also the sharing of special tips regarding the classes or sharing the experiences of the methods guided in the classes is for the telegram group not the best place… in one of my mediations in June I got the clear download of a new home for all of us… a hub for all our individual experiences and knowingness… a hub for information on an advanced level and practicing classes and sessions on a next higher level… with certain possibilities and principles to honor hosts of the classes and sessions in various ways as well… and so the Quantum Genius Academy was born…. providing structured information on an advanced level ….various classes and sessions… events and other activities …. to enhance our ability to grow into another level of our selfs…. by sharing knowingness…. practicing it and enjoying it together …. to become and be it … sharing experiences of applying different teachings and methods and practicing them under the guidance of experienced quantum geniuses.

Quantum Geniuses want to go deeper.... the Quantum Academy offers various activities for all geniuses ...who have accepted that everything that happens to them a result of their own... of their thoughts and feelings... how that feelings translates into the subconsciousness... that the so-called reality is just a reflection of their selfs.

The Academy creates a place and community ... to learn that health and wealth... harmony and every kind of happiness created by our selfs…..this academy... its teachings and methods has no end…it is unlimited … it will have the pace and the breath of their geniuses….a place where the most important subject is studying oneself ... knowing and accepting that the ability to create one´s own life the most concrete results of loving one self inside.

Quantum Geniuses accept... that in their lifes are no defeats..... that every so-called defeat is just a sign of what and how much there is still to do... in the inner cosmos... reality is always a creature of our beingness… thoughts and feelings .... based on our belifes and programs... generating and maintaining inner freedom and inner peace….. is stopping to be reactive.... not reacting to the outer world anymore.... means not becoming a victim of the outer world anymore.... not depending on matter.. but focusing on our own energies and the unlimited possibilities.

All the leading master teachers say in one or the other way... those who expect from the world have already lost... the biggest secret ... which is not a secret knowing .... the entire world is at our service in order to improve us.... realizing and accepting... that everything... every event or circumstance .... is an opportunity... a nourishment for our inner journey.

The world of a Quantum Genius .... is a gym of being .... to practice and practice again... to experience and experience again... until our performance of existence becomes flawless step by step... reaching super consciousness as Abraham told us... by training our muscles of self awareness and self-observation ... to get into higher levels of consciousness... to balance and complete our selfs in the eternal now... creating our life as Quantum Geniuses by Intend.

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