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Basic Information

Neurographics was founded by Pavel Piskarev, candidate of psychological sciences, speaker, coach, businessman, architect. He is also a master of martial artist.

In 2011, Pavel Piskarev was going through a personal crisis. Back then he had many trainings, courses, projects, but he was pursued by the idea of making something unique. He regularly asked himself the question in what area he could benefit people. The answer came to him when he was on a plane flying from Moscow to Jerusalem.

In a state of half-asleep the word “neurographics” came to Pavel. Having landed in Jerusalem and navigating through the Internet, he could not find this word anywhere, so Pavel Piskarev decided to decipher this message himself. "Neuro" means everything that is connected with the most important organ of the human body - the brain. “Graphics” are lines. Thus, a new method of transforming reality was born, a method to change the future, relationships, finance and much more in a way that is beneficial to oneself and others.


Neurographics is based on working with the subconscious, which stores information about everything that was, is and will be. This method uses neural connections and with the help of simple geometric shapes and lines allows you to express everything that worries you.

Neurographics allows you to work through all areas of life - even if you just need to release some nervous tension, improve your emotional state, or fulfill your dreams.


Neurographics allows you to quickly go beyond stereotypical thinking into a state of flow for solving any task, tune in to a different way of thinking - intuitive, sensual, irrational – all this leads to unexpected discoveries, new solutions, and changes in internal states. It is important to follow the algorithm step by step in a particular order. The algorithm is based on two basic principles - a neurographic line and rounding (or conjugation). In neurographics there is no right or wrong solution. And no special drawing skills are required. Each work is unique.

About Origin of Neurographics: Projects
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