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Manifesting Money from the Unknown with Super Genius Tomas

Super Genius Tomas attended the Weeklong Advanced Retreat in Cancun and after the Retreat he shared his amazing experience about Manifesting Money from the Unkown

Review Ripple Effect: Video
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Review from Peter

Day 1

The key messages... knowing the path is walking the is the new later...the moment where the past no longer exists, is where love connects us...negative emotions are not the opposite of love, it’s the separation from love….every kind of negative emotions have to die in us to become a higher consciousness….loving the world inside of us is creating a loving world outside of us.

Day 2

Amazing energy and strong training of the breath to get through the layers of our consciousness. Layer by layer. Breaking the loops of thoughts and feelings from the outside and stored beliefs and emotions from the inside. 3 long meditation sessions starting with BOTEC and two sessions to experience the oneness ... feeling oneness where no separation exists ... and unconditional love like a place to fade into our true selves ... all that is not connected to love inside of us has to be overcome….has to die. Every meditation has a very long laying down phase, much longer than in the meditations we usually do. And the feeling of energy is amazing. I fly through the ballroom as if on a magic carpet carried by the energy of the 1300 advanced students. Just amazing being here.

Day 3

What an amazing day again…. fading more and more into TimeSpaceReality…. starting with the longest BOTEC I ever did….2hour20minutes…. activating this undying service in us…..getting in low brain waves to get access to our limbic brain by lowering our brainwaves more and more … doing the pineal breath … lowering the brainwaves more and more to connect to the autonomic nervous system and to get rid of the operating system neocortex …..creating order and balance in each center and let the energy flow between the centers….I never felt it flow so intensive ….unfolding into pure consciousness into the field and getting the energy from the field, the high frequencies back into our body and energy centers…laying down for quite a long time to let the autonomic nervous system do the work by encoding the high frequencies from the field…it was soooo amazing ……then two sessions rebuild the model of SpaceTime and TimeSpace ….climbing out of programmes and overcoming our old selfs ….crossing the river of change ….becoming no-body, no-one, no-where, no-thing at no-time …crossing the dimension to become pure consciousness …fading into dimension…. oh my god…´s me ….the divine in me ….these eternal power in the eternal now ….becoming everything, everyone, everytime, everywhere ….synchronizing our frequencies by intentional thoughts and elevated emotions ….tears a running down my face …..the feeling of eternal beingness and eternal live…evolving into pure love …..planting seeds in the field to pull the event to us ….. to catch the events and possibilities by synchronicities in the 3D-Reality …..I am loving this deeply from my heart.

Day 4

Starting the day with Walking Meditation 4 at the beach right into the sunset of a new life ….happy with myself just being my self …..emotionally connected to the future not to the past … finding the way to the emotions of my future …knowing that it is not my business how it gonna happen or when it gonna happen …taking my body out for a walk into the future …lowering the volumes of emotions of the past …. just being happy in my life for no reason …. stepping and walking away from all that stuff that connects myself to lower frequencies …. feeling high energies by every step I take … realizing that somebody else is looking through my eyes and stepping out from the familiar know into the unknown … accompanied by 1.300 future walkers around me ……feeling an enormous dose of oxytocins in my brain running through my body …. and in that state of higher consciousness we are laying down in the sand ….listening to the voice inside of us and hearing in the background the roaring of the ocean waves like energy waves of oxytocins inside of us … .feeling the joy and bliss which is always in the now and bonding in that amazing frequency of loving life and being in love with our self and in love with our future…. back in the ballroom we are doing two session with the kaleidoscope… one with our mindmovies and another with magical images for a magical trip….at the laying down phase of the session with the mindmovie suddenly the whole frequency in the ballroom was full of pure joy and like a ripple a nonending laughter infects everyone in the ballroom and there is only an amazing joyful loud laughter from everyone everywhere everytime lasting more than 10 minutes … no one could stop it and Dr. Joe ended the session …mentioning that source has an amazing humor ….the last session of the day was the magical focus on the pineal gland ….switching the lights off in our thinking box…coming from beta to alpha and from theta to delta ….looking with the eyes of source into the kaleidoscope and the images … suddenly feeling oxytosins in our hearts …and this feeling in our hearts interferes like energy waves in the ballroom and the ripple effect of that amazing coherence interferences …building up in the crossings huge coherence information patterns… which are coming back into our hearts … and the other way around …. reinforcing each other more and more .... and these huge coherence information patterns … are like barcodes for our autonomic nervous system ….that encodes the patterns if our heart and brain stay in coherence …..the pineal gland dials in that frequencies crossing the ballroom and our hearts encodes the signals which are coming back from the ripple coherence information field into feelings that we could never generate by our senses in the known reality….oh my goodness…. what happens next ….. laying down to let the autonomic nervous system do its work…..and just wondering what is happening inside of us …..the wondering does not stop even I am writing this ….and at Day 5 we are starting again at the beach.

Day 5

Starting the day and ending it with Walking Meditations at the beach and we did as well Coherence Healing Walking Meditation before starting the first healing session in the afternoon ….there a so much to say about it and it is nearly impossible to find the right words ….only bliss …taking into consideration that we develop eternally and we see that our development is eternal… applying this to creation of our organism and we will see and we will understand that our organism can always be self-healed… applying this to the health of others and having healed others we will gain experience for healing our selfs as well… healing of others is always an experience for our selfs… being full of love in our hearts to more and more people …. giving more joy and happiness to all of them ….we will get eternity into our hands in the form of our pure consciousness …seeing and feeling our selfs as the divine.

Day 6

4AM Pineal Gland Meditation….. what a difference a day makes …..full of bliss and gratitude for this mind- and heartblowing experience ….and thankfulness for this amazing flamingo group to be part of it ….doing the 5AM meditation since May 2019 for 21 months right now on a daily basis I was well prepared for that experience ….and I am really really thankful for that ….and I will all of you animate to do it on a daily basis ….I decided to stay the next years doing it ….I had today such an amazing breakthrough that I know it is more than worth it ….thank you thank you thank you to all of you

Day 7: 4AM Pineal Gland Meditation again but in a different way …starting this time with a long sequence of synchronizing our left and right brain and our heart ….. unifying brain and heart to one….and in this feeling of oneness of brain & heart we are doing the pineal breath … expanding and exploring the space of the pineal gland and the space around it in spaaaaace…..laying down without changing our state…..and then keep laying for nearly two hours ….with some sequences of strong breath in and breath out …to stay in the dimension and to avoid to fall asleep ….let the body and autonomic nervous system do its work to encode all the information patterns we got from the field …..while staying in oneness with the field in the dimension ….doing the pineal breath again still laying down …..keep staying in oneness with the field in the dimension …. again some sequences of strong breath in and breath out…. to stay in the dimension and to avoid to fall asleep… staying in this loop until Dr. Joe calls us back …..unbelievable experience…. looking at the World with all of our feelings ...looking at the World with all of our cells…. looking at the World with our whole organism ….with everything with what we can see and feel in the unified field ….with everything in us …looking at the World, our selfs and inside of our selfs ….looking at the World understanding that the World around us …is the World created by us ….seeing and feeling that whatever we looking at in the field is unified in us…. feeling and knowing that we create life and eternity… feeling that we are an eternal substance by the principle of our own creation …..after that amazing journey we did the last coherence healing session …and then closing the event full of eternal bliss, eternal knowingness and eternal delightfulness.

To sum it up: The world evolves very intensively within the scope of our own consciousness ….this week was an intensive and amazing way to do it ….also our daily 5AM meetings in the unified field are a wonderful way of doing to stay tuned in that feelings and frequencies to create by intention ….stay tuned in our new selfs in the neverlasting present moment …. developing our own consciousness, we change the World ….by changing our consciousness we gradually change the collective consciousness ….the ripple effect takes place ….as a result we get the World we need and love … it is the World in the Dimension ….we will be manifesting in reality of our senses ….by changing the information patterns in the field we change matter in the world of senses ….that is the mechanism of our and the Worlds transformation. I am really loving it deeply from my heart.

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