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A unique Community with a clear mission: WE ARE ONE!

The Quantum Geniuses Academy is largely based on the insights of leading teachers and authors and the active application of their methods, among others: Dr. Joe Dispenza, Esther Hicks, Neville Goddard, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Gregg Braden, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Jeru Kabbal.

They are all deeply concerned with how the world is constructed, what its laws are and what our actual life consists of. They are all carried by the firm conviction that it is time to change the established ideas about us, our environment and its structure.

And this not in the sense of a new New Age perspective or esoteric argument, but on the basis of demonstrable findings that make it clear that the development of each of us and our striving for a better life is connected with the development of our consciousness to higher levels.

The latest findings in quantum physics, biophysics, genetics, epigenetics and neuroplasticity are leading us to regain what we lost in the 19th century through the separation of body and mind. Our thinking and acting was characterized by dualism - the strict separation of science and spirituality.

Quantum physics leads us back to the unity of everything.
Everything is vibration and the origin is connected in everything and everyone. There exists an invisible field that runs through the whole universe. This vibrating field was already included in many ancient teachings, was called Akasha or Indra's net and got thousands of other names throughout history. It is the same energy field that the saints, Buddhas, yogis, mystics, priests, shamans and seers observed when they looked into their inner selfs.

Many of the outstanding thinkers such as Pythagoras, Keppler, Leonardo da Vinci, Tesla and Einstein have studied it and realized that it is the cause of everything that surrounds us and what we are. It is the common root of all religions and the link between our inner and outer worlds.

In today's society, more or less this ancient wisdom is forgotten. We have lost the connection to the ancient knowledge and are just rediscovering it through quantum physics.

Dualism caused the isolation of our self from everything outside of us and generated the belief that we are separate from everything.

We have strayed too far into the realm of rational and analytical thinking. This thinking has been placed above everything in our time. Traditional science saw the universe as a gigantic machine and the human body as well. The mental, the spirituality was left to faith, to religions and in modern times to esoterics or the New Age generation.

At the core of our thinking, something has come into being that we call Ego.
What we believe we are and we identify our selfs. The Ego is constantly saying that we are disconnected from everything that is missing in our lives. From everything we desire. And finally, the Ego teaches us the worst misery of all. It tells us we are cut off from God. Cut off from everything. We are alone. We have to assert our selfs in the outside world. That is our reality.

Our Ego also tells us that the real us is what we have. What we own. We identify with our possessions. We believe that if we own more, we are worth more.

And so we spend our lives focusing our thoughts and energies on possessing more. This becomes the mantra of our Ego. We always have to have more. And the more we have, the more we are tormented by the question of how to protect our possessions and how to increase what we already have.

In the last decade, great strides have been made in the field of brain research.
Scientists have discovered neuroplasticity; a term that conveys the idea that the physical connectivity of the brain changes according to the thoughts that move within it.

The Canadian psychologist Donald Hebb found that neurons in the brain that fire together become interconnected.
This means that the networking of neurons depends on what we are thinking. In our brains, the strands of neurons that form most strongly are those that we are constantly firing - that is, what we are constantly thinking. That which we are constantly engaged with is also formed most strongly. Like a muscle that we are constantly exercising.

And that means it's possible to direct our own subjective experience of reality. If our thoughts are full of fear, worry, anxiety and negativity, then we are automatically enabling the networking in our brains to generate more thoughts of that nature. When we direct our thoughts to love, compassion, gratitude and joy, we create the networking for the repetition of these experiences.

But how do we do that when we are surrounded by so much violence, suffering and bad news? Isn't this a kind of self-deception or wishful thinking.
Neuroplasticity is not the same as the modern idea that I make my reality better by thinking positively. That's way too short of the mark. Rather, it is the same thing that Buddha taught 2500 years ago as insight-oriented meditation.

We should be concerned with what drives our thoughts, how our thoughts arise, and what our consciousness actually is.  And always try to strengthen good thoughts and to weaken or even eliminate bad thoughts.

We live most of our life on the basis of a program - our subconscious mind - that was programmed mainly in our first 10 to 12 years of life. Every day only 5% of our thoughts and actions are actively shaped by our conscious mind. Everything else is controlled by our subconscious.

We limit our selfs without knowing why.
Instead of making our decisions from our true self, we let our Ego guide us because we don't even know our true self. And whenever we make decisions from the Ego, all kinds of things happen to us that keep us from finding our selfs and living in harmony with our selfs and our environment.

It is constantly suggested to us that we need to look for external validation. For all that we think and all that we do. And through this, we lose contact with our selfs. We are only concerned with what is happening outside of us and hardly with what is happening inside of us. We are facing reality and not our inner cosmos. What and who we actually are.

And emotions and feelings play a very decisive role in this.
The latest science proves that our heart has thousands of neurons. It has its own brain, which actually controls our brain in the head.

We should be aware that WE ARE ENERGY.
But what do we actually know what that energy in us is about, how we generate it and how we could expand it, how we should best deal with it?
Our energy is certainly one of the most important things we have. We are careful about who we give our money to. We protect it and usually don't give it without something in return. That's how we're raised. We don't handle our energy that way. We give our energy to everyone and don't even realize it. We get upset about the car driver in front of us and get angry about everything imaginable. And all this consumes our energy.

Every day we have a certain amount of energy that we consume and then build up again. So we should look at how we generate our energy and what we use it for.

How we can increase it and, most importantly, focus on it and channel it. Otherwise, we feel like so many people do these days. We feel empty and used up and don't even know why. The answers are: because of the job, the family or because of this and that - all this drains us. But are we really aware that we are energy and what that really means.

And what does it mean to become more conscious about our energy or even our life.
Are we concerned with how our consciousness works and how we can specifically change and control it? Are we aware of it?

We are world champions of distraction and diversion.
Of our thoughts and our actions. We constantly try to occupy our mind, to fill it with information. With TV shows, news, games and puzzles - on every device imaginable. Social media comments and hashtags dominate our thinking. We let the endless flow of new images, new information, new ways stimulate our senses and engage with everything - but only ever a little bit and hardly ever really with our selfs.

We are trained to please our outside world and forget to focus on our inside world.
And with that we occupy our thoughts. So we wonder why we are less and less able to concentrate on what is really important for us. We distract our selfs all day long. Living in thoughts of yesterday and tomorrow. Rarely in the moment.
We pursue about 60,000 thoughts every day. And the remarkable thing is that 90% of them are the same thoughts from the day before. Our conditioned thoughts from the past are the basis of our limited thinking. And so our life always runs along the same lines. Our Ego puts a firewall around our memory bank, so to speak, and lets us perceive only this information that is already contained in our archive of thoughts and feelings. On the basis of this memory bank, our Ego constantly evaluates and judges everything and everyone.

We are, so to speak, evaluation junkies based on our self-limiting thinking.
The core teaching of neuroplasticity means in a nutshell: change your thoughts and feelings and you change your life.

Buddha's insight-oriented meditation can therefore also be described today as self-oriented neuroplasticity. Understanding why we think what and how we think is the necessary condition to change our thinking. Otherwise, day after day, we allow something or someone to direct our consciousness to things that we really don't want to expose our selfs to and that only consume our energy because they create negative or limiting emotions in us.

We constantly let the external world of reality shape our neuron strands in the brain. Our inner satisfaction is thus dependent on external events over which we often have no control. But how do I live in a way where our consciousness is no longer in conflict with our self and the external world? How can we free our hearts from negative emotions?

The problem is to seek our happiness outside of our selfs, when it can only be found inside of our selfs.

One of the simple insights that quantum physics teaches is that everything, every element comes from one source. And every element is connected to everything. This source is everywhere. There is no place where it is not. Because it creates everything. Everything comes from this source.

Wayne Dyer concludes, "if the Source is everywhere, then it must be in me as well. Then it must also be in all that I am missing in my life. And if I know that, then logically I am already in touch with all that I am missing and all that I want. So I just need to find a way to tune into it. And be aware that the connection is already there. And that I don't have to do anything other than get that connection going."

The subconscious guides us always based on our stored programs to more effectiveness, greater success and growth.

We need to re-program our subconscious which has been conditioned by our past, family, traditions and culture we are living in.

To change our life we have to change our programs in a desired direction and therefore we have to shift our subconscious in the direction we want it to shift. If we are doing this step by step by focusing on thoughts and feelings we want to live in, we are re-writing our programs in our subconscious into the story of our future self.

And we are doing that by meditating combined with different other techniques to change our selfs and water the seeds of our future self in the now.

The Quantum Geniuses Academy provides possibilities, methods and a community to help each of us to change our paths by experiencing together various ways of linking our consciousness and subconsciousness into a life full of health and wealth.

All this should become a new habit of us, that is the only way to speed the change up and these new habits should be done with joy.

We try not to use the term "DOING THE WORK" because this term implies that we have to earn it by doing it. That’s the old belief of a separate being playing the game of opposites and dualism. A life of Oneness and Wholeness should be based on joy and happiness, living in love and harmony with your self to gain love and harmony in the outer world as well. Becoming One with your self is becoming One with your higher self, is becoming One with your power of source inside of you.

Let´s DO THE JOY together and engage our Life created by intend! Becoming the joy of existence.

We are One! One Mission, One Love, One Life.

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